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Discover the Finest Italian Restaurant in Dubai - il Pastaio Dubai

Welcome to il Pastaio Dubai - the most exceptional Italian restaurant in Dubai nestled in the heart of Al Habtoor City. Embark on an exquisite journey through the flavors of Italy as we invite you to an authentic and perfect Italian culinary adventure. Immerse yourself in a refined ambience that harmoniously blends with the tantalizing delights adorning our menu, promising an unparalleled Italian dining experience in Dubai.

About Us

Founded by the esteemed Sicilian family, the Dragos, in the early 1990s, il Pastaio Dubai has garnered decades of expertise and an unwavering passion for serving traditional Italian cuisine. Building on the success of our flagship restaurant in Beverly Hills, we bring the enchantment and magic of Italy to the vibrant city of Dubai. Conveniently situated at the Boulevard of Al Habtoor City, our restaurant boasts an elegant space graced with understated luxury, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Our captivating decor harmonizes seamlessly with our inspired wine collection, offering a chic and authentic Italian dining affair that you won't soon forget.

Indulge in Sicilian Culinary Excellence at il Pastaio Dubai

At il Pastaio Dubai, we take immense pride in our Sicilian heritage, and it reflects in every dish we present. Our meticulously crafted menu celebrates the very best of Italian flavors. We offer a delectable selection of fresh and authentic dishes that will transport your taste buds to the sun-kissed shores of Italy. Centered around the art of pasta-making, our culinary prowess shines through in every bite. Savor the our Spaghetti al Caviale, where delicate strands of pasta intertwine with the richness of caviar, creating a symphony of flavors on your palate. For a truly unforgettable experience, do not miss out on the Paccheri alla Justin Bieber, a delicious dish that pays homage to traditional Italian craftsmanship. Beyond our pasta creations, our culinary repertoire boasts signature specials that are nothing short of extraordinary. Relish the succulence of Tomahawk ai Ferri, a perfectly grilled masterpiece that epitomizes the essence of luxury dining. Let your taste buds dance with delight as you munch the Branzino al Sale, a delicate sea bass cooked to perfection in a salt crust. For those seeking an exquisite ensemble of flavors, our Trio Tartare promises an ensemble of gastronomic artistry.

A Legacy of Luxury Dining - il Pastaio Dubai's Storied Journey

Step into the rich tapestry of il Pastaio's illustrious history, a legacy that originated in the glamorous streets of Beverly Hills, California. It was at this place that the visionary Sicilian Drago brothers - Giacomino, Celestino, and Calogero - embarked on a culinary odyssey to share their passion for authentic Italian cuisine with the world's most sophisticated palates. Driven by their dedication to quality, taste, and impeccable service, il Pastaio's flagship restaurant quickly became the go-to destination for the A-list crowd, setting the benchmark for luxury dining and unparalleled flavors. Three decades of culinary excellence later, il Pastaio Dubai stands as a testament to this storied journey. As we ventured into the vibrant city of Dubai, we brought with us the essence of Sicilian heritage and a commitment to upholding the same traditions that made us renowned. With each visit, you become a part of our cherished history, where every ingredient is carefully sourced, and every recipe is a tribute to the timeless art of Italian cooking. Visit us at il Pastaio Dubai, the best Italian restaurant in Dubai, where food is an expression of Italian passion and excellence. We invite you to experience the epitome of Italian dining in Dubai, where every dish is a celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of culinary perfection.



Ring in the festive season the Italian-style at il Pastaio where our executive chef has created a special celebratory dining experience throughout December.

Special Festive
December 1st to December 31st

Christmas Eve Dinner
Saturday, December 24th
A special set menu inclusive of a bottle of grape
AED 595 per couple

For reservations call us at +971 54 791 3320


il Pastaio Brunch

Weekends are all about celebrating la dolce vita, especially when it comes to good eating and drinking with family, loved ones and friends! il Pastaio invites guests to experience an authentic Brunch experience every Saturday from 1 pm to 4 pm.

A plethora of Italian brunch options where you can indulge in cheese & wine selections, freshly, cold & hot starters, pastas, risottos, and more.

Soft package AED 300 l Regular AED 425 l Premium AED 525 inclusive of unlimited BEVs
Book now: +971 54 7913320

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il Pastaio Aperitivo

We have got a new favorite time of the day, join us daily for some Aperitivo with a side of antipasti!

Antipasti platter with two Aperol Spritz.

For Reservations, call us at +971 54 7913320

Afternoons Made Better At Il Pastaio

Afternoons Made Better At il Pastaio

il Pastaio Dubai is a treat no matter what time of the day you go with our authentic Italian cuisine directly from Beverly hills.

Lunch offer: enjoy a weekly curated three-course set menu including a welcome drink.

Monday - Friday, 12 pm to 3 pm